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    Company has development Hubs in Mumbai & Bangalore. Business Delivery spokes all across South India. Impressive roster of Clients in different Industry verticals.


E-Smart Diary, Sitara’s latest innovation, is an integrated application that spans across all functional requirements and departments of educational institutions and societies.

E-Smart Diary is one of India's pioneering school management software for students, parents, teachers and management. eSmart Diary ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school operations as well as enabling parent-school interaction instantly bridging all possible communication gaps.

A school management system with a very user friendly interface is designed and developed in a modular approach that enable us to manage the complex activities of the educational institutions.

E-Smart Diary has evolved and matured over years through feedback from the customers and experts from its advisory board. eSmart Diary is being used by schools, large and small alike across the country and outside and has bagged repeat orders from customers. eSmart Diary is being supported by a customer focused support centers. There is also a dedicated help desk, which is just a phone call, or an email away.

The school and college can communicate exam/test results, homework, attendance of the students, holiday announcements, meetings and important dates, timetable, fee details, etc.


  • Daily information updates
  • Students attendance information
  • Change of schedule for school events or school’s buses
  • Parent-teacher conferences, testing information, fundraisers and other activities.
  • Our student information system was engineered to offer schools all the power they need for school management software functions ranging from A to Z — admissions, attendance, discipline, health, library, lunchroom, report cards, scheduling, student billing, transcripts and more — all integrated into a single database accessible any time.


  • Reduction of Administrative Costs.
  • Provide a more Flexible working Framework.
  • Decentralize customer Service.
  • Reduce Administrative workload.
  • Centralize corporate activities.
  • Improve Business Processes.
  • Increase Security and minimize Fraud.
  • Send Fee receipt messages to the parents as soon as fee is paid by them or by their children.
  • Multi-Lingual Support – Supports all Indian languages – both single/multi-byte supported
  • Exams schedule and changes can be communicated to the parents instantly.
  • Send the schools achievements, awards, recognitions details to parents.
  • Parent teacher meeting schedule SMS and reminders.
  • Send season’s greetings messages.
  • Regular notifications and alerts to school staff.
  • Send meeting notification messages to Trustees using eSmart Diary.


  • Schools activity alert messages can be sent.
  • Send School Day and Trip notification messages helping school and parents to both drop and pickup children on scheduled times.
  • Monthly Tests and Yearly term results can be announced from our SMS Software.
  • Send event notifications, class cancellations, alert parent of ill children, homework information ,alertsms on delayed school buses etc.
  • Inform parents about the absence of child.
  • Communicate with parents quickly via bulk SMS in the case of an emergency.
  • Send reminders of important dates such as holidays and exam sessions.
  • Child care centres easily inform parents of important health information such as chickenpox outbreaks and head lice in the centre.
  • Inform parents quickly of injuries or illness and advise parents or guardians of students requiring early collection.

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