About Sitara

  • Hubs

    Company has development Hubs in Mumbai & Bangalore. Business Delivery spokes all across South India. Impressive roster of Clients in different Industry verticals.


Technical Skills

We adapt ourselves with the latest technology. We understand the client’s existing and future needs and ensure that our team meets the client’s requirements and we strive to exceed our client’s expectations. We have expertise developers on different platforms with multiple skills set on each domain. We adhere to the latest technology so as to reach client’s requirements. Our developers and designers have experience on numerous technologies, tools, frameworks and programming languages.

Project management

We follow Software Development Life Cycle model to carry out the project. Quality Assurance team is involved in each and every phase of the project. After the documentation is prepared by the business analyst team, our Project Manager takes care of the progress of the project till its completion. There is continuous interaction of the development team and Quality Assurance team with Project Manager with the aim of completing the project.

Development Process

We follow the Software Development Life Cycle model from the project development till the go live phase

  • Project kick-off and initiation
  • Requirement gathering and specification
  • Project design –HLD and LLD
  • Application development
  • Unit and integration testing
  • User acceptance testing

In the SDLC model, the development phase is compared with the documentation prepared and it is followed throughout the SDLC model like

  • Software Requirement Specification
  • UI design
  • Development
  • Test Plan and Test case
  • Release


Our team has excellent command over English both verbally and written. We know that excellent communication is one of the important component for grabbing the outsource project. Excellent communication with our client helps us to deliver quality products that strive above the client’s expectations.

Our team backed by Masters Degrees from reputed universities plays a great role throughout the SDLC.

In every project, we emphasize on innovation. Our structured team works with a methodology and knowledge to innovate and deliver excellent service.

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