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PxSoft is an enterprise automation software solution that covers the day-to-day functioning of the Primary Agriculture Credit Society or PACS.

Our PACS solution is primarily meant for Agricultural cooperatives that help banks & financial institutions give short term loans for agriculture and allied activities and facilitate deposit collection.

PxSoft fulfils the need for complete loan cycle fulfilment, maintenance & management information reporting of these loans.

With its excellent extensibility options at the architectural layer, PxSoft caters to not just PACS, but all other sectors/categories of co-operative federation namely Consumer Credit sector, Fisheries, Multi-purpose societies, Milk producers federation, Sugar Federation, Tea-rubber growers, Textile co-operatives, School union societies, Hospital, Labour Union credit societies, Honey Manufactures societies etc

PxSoft consists of pre-built reports (both statutory and analytical reports built as per standard committee guidelines) with menu driven access to all the modules and pre-defined alerts making it the perfect solution for societies looking to quickly implement an enterprise-wide near-banking services solution.

Our product qualifies on new & diverse platforms, its architecture is deliberately kept open ended so that it can easily interact with any third party software for data integration. The product is completely scalable, modular, parameterize-able with great flexibility.

Typical features are:

  • Complete compliance to CAS
  • Scale of Financing
  • Multiple levels of Data Security and Accessibility
  • User friendly GUI Interface
  • Paperless Banking
  • Total Automation
  • Complete Financial Statements support
  • Signature/ Photograph Storage & Retrieval
  • Multi-Lingual Support – Supports all Indian languages – both single/multi-byte supported
  • Pigmy Machine Interface
  • SMS Module – alerts for demand notices etc
  • Single Credit/ Multiple Debits
  • Single debit/ Multiple Credits
  • Multiple Debits/Multiple Credits
  • Modular structure
  • Structured and Object Oriented Design
  • Extensive Audit Trail
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Unique Reference concept
  • Completely parameterized settings
  • Dynamic Menu
  • User level Access Controls
  • Disbursement cap maintenance for loans
  • Crop loans
  • Public Distribution system (full-fledged inventory maintenance, tracking and billing supported)
  • Insurance register
  • Supplier Maintenance and tracking
  • Sale and Purchase related

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